Westmoreland Children First

WCCB Facts

Facts to know about WCCB

  • Children in WCCB care range from a few days old to 21 years. 
  • WCCB places children in resource homes when there is evidence of neglect or abuse.
  • Every child under WCCB care has a caseworker; each resource family has a mentor resource family in the same geographical area to answer questions and provide guidance and support.
  • WCCB retains legal custody of all children that it places in resource homes until they return to their families or are adopted.
  • Resource families make routine decisions that affect the child, but major decisions are made with the involvement of the caseworker or other WCCB agent.
  • WCCB covers daily board and medical assistance for a child’s medical and dental expenses while in the care of resource families.
  • WCCB provides 24-hour emergency support and ongoing training for care-givers.