Westmoreland Children First

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Wine & Chocolate Gala

Help us provide for all WCCB children by advertising and sponsoring our annual fund-raising event for coats, gifts, and many other needed items.

Adoption Day

Support the social events and activities for parents and adopted children. Help adopted children, along with their families, feel special and supported.

Beds and Emergency Needs

Assist us in providing emergency needs including beds, bedding, clothing and diapers for children under WCCB care.

Child Abuse Awareness

Give to outreach efforts to spread the word about child abuse and prevention awareness. Events and educational materials are made available to caregivers, families, and professionals in Westmoreland County.

Courthouse Comfort

Provide funds to help us keep the Free Literacy Library and the Courthouse Comfort Room equipped with books, stuffed animals, and other resources. These projects help create a welcoming, caring environment for children at the WCCB.


Contribute to our burial fund for the tragic times when children pass away while under WCCB oversight. For many families, these expenses are too costly to cover.